13 October 2012

Chocolate Pie

 My book club had a purely social evening last night, and I brought dessert. It's me of course; given the choice why would I bring anything else? 

I decided to make something I've wanted to try for a while. Ever since I pinned this chocolate pie recipe I've wanted to try making the crust with my chocolate tofu pudding. The hazelnuts sounded just right for the chocolate filling and the tofu would keep it from being too heavy. This was my first time making a pie crust of this kind and it turned out really well~

The end result: I think everyone liked it! It was luscious and deeply chocolatey, but it was not heavy which is a side effect of the traditional chocolate pie. I served it without adornment, but some whipped cream would be good if there are men around next time.

My baking partner popped in and out

A blur!

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