27 March 2013

Sleeping in Strange Places

Lately our naptime schedule has been varying day by day (grumble). I fear the slow and torturous march to no nap has begun, but I will try to hold on to what is left for as long as I can. She can still nap for 90 minutes to 2 hours, but then the next day fight it tooth and nail and not sleep at all. And when she does sleep, end up in some peculiar places.

Exhibit A
After playing in her room and reading books for almost an hour, she falls asleep in the chair in her room.

Exhibit B
Here we have a recent common example in which she falls asleep at nap time and wakes very disturbed after 35 minutes or so. I go get her and lay down on the chaise couch with her and she falls asleep again on the chest for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (depending if I remembered to go to the bathroom before or not)

Exhibit C
Here we are visiting my parents in Atlanta so it's a little different, but on this day she fell asleep next to her bed, wedged between it and a desk. 

During our visit she napped 3 out of the 4 days. On the no-nap day she had a massive meltdown at bedtime that took 45 minutes to resolve before passing clean out. This is why I've never understood parents that easily and frequently skip naps for the social schedule. I'd rather brush my teeth with gravel than voluntarily set up that situation!