About Waiting for Grace

My name is Sarah, and this blog is about our journey to start a family. I am 27 and my husband Ray is 28. We are young and healthy, but that doesn't mean that fertility problems can't occur for us or others like us. They did, and we waited more than a year to get pregnant.
I have tried to give a bit of background on the struggle and how it affected us, but I am here to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel for others who experience difficulty getting pregnant. Mostly, this is about life being pregnant and as a young mom.
I will present the random and nitty gritty things that occur. Because I've written Suite Apple Pie since 2007, food will definitely play a role in this journey, as well as issues like weight, the evolving marital relationship, and the strange new frontier of all things baby.

Please feel free to leave comments publicly here, or privately at sarah.suiteapple@gmail.com.