14 October 2012

Lemos Farm

This week we went to Lemos Farm with Finn, Lauren, and Steve. Lemos Farm is located on 92 on the way to Half Moon Bay. They have goats, pony rides, a hay ride, train, bounce houses, a jungle gym, and pumpkins at this time of year. We had great weather and a nice time with our friends.

I'll be honest, we didn't do much of anything there. Lyla didn't want anything to do with the goats, the hay ride, or the train (scared of them right now). She had interest in the bounce house but I couldn't go with her and I knew that'd end in an elbow in the face and tears. She enjoyed watching Finn ride a pony and she played a little on the jungle gym, but the biggest event for her was chasing this cat around for a while.

Lyla and Finn

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  1. Another Finn! We really thought we were so original in 2009...turns out we really, really weren't:) Lyla's hair is too precious.