03 November 2010

38 Weeks

I feel like a ticking bomb; the counter is on but the clock is hidden so we have no idea when I'll go off. Le sigh.

The fuzzy lanugo that has protected her skin for weeks is shedding fast this week, and brain cells are multiplying like mad. She could be bald or could have more than an inch of hair. I love when newborns have a bit of hair so I'm hoping she has a nice dark mop. Her bowels are preparing the first poop, a sticky greenish mess called meconium, made from all the amniotic fluid she's been swallowing. Excellent.
My 38 week appointment~ I'm measuring 36 weeks now- Chickpea has gotten bigger! I gained a pound this week, for a grand total of 29 lbs. I'm dilated to a 2 which is excellent news.
If she could drop any lower I think she has. It's getting heavy, and I feel more tired each day but in a good way. I have a very pre-game day feeling.

I took this same picture 2 months ago, I can really tell the difference.

At 38 weeks . . .

At 30 weeks !! ---->


The past few days we've had nice weather and I've gone for a 30-minute walk in the afternoon on top of my morning exercises, and I think that's helping with dilation and her dropping. I suit up in my sneaks and comfy clothes (it's a pain to put on those sneakers let me tell you!), and throw my iPhone in my camera bag and listen to music. I've been playing my 'Baby Motivation' playlist. It's like a workout playlist, and I walk and imagine the different parts of labor and delivery. It's like I'm mentalling prepping for a marathon. It's never appealing right before I go, but I gotta do it again today.

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  1. I bet the waiting is really hard! You are looking great and I think its amazing that you're still getting in workouts. Rock it! I can't wait to see your little peanut