28 October 2010

More Nursery Stuff

I feel so good that everything in the house is ready and waiting whenever we bring our chickpea home. I had a chance to take some more pictures of the baby preparations to post here.


For the first few months, Chickpea will sleep in our room in this Pack N' Play.

We set it up last weekend after Monterey. The model we chose has the extra attached changing table and newborn napper on top; she'll sleep/nap here and I'll be able to change diapers here in the middle of the night without going to her room.

In the future, these attachments are removable and it can be used as an infant bassinet, then a play yard that we can travel with. Made by Graco, it fits in this corner nicely and was one of the few with a pattern that didn't rub me the wrong way.

My favorite feature in her room is still the wall decal over the crib. It's eye-catching and I'm proud of the hours I spent putting it up there.

The changing table is right by the door, and it's well stocked with little clothes, hair barrettes and ribbons, and baby care items.

On the other side of the door is the closet. I've hung her wardrobe (as much as I could) because it's easier for me to see what we have. Things like T-shirts, onesies, socks, and hats live in the dresser, so here we have all her jammies and bodysuits. As you can see, I have not washed a lot of things and left tags on in case they don't fit. I added dividers to help me differentiate sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6, 6-9, etc.

On the other side of the changing table by the window, we've stashed the Diaper Genie out of sight with extra diapers. The laundry basket I found is the best, tall with easy-to-carry handles. It fits in the little space perfectly. The blue thing is the bath sponge that we'll use on the counter for sponge baths, then later in the tub for regular baths. It will live in the bathroom, but it's here for now.

Next to all that is the crib, sheets and bumper washed and ready.

In the other corner by the second window is the glider, which glides back and forth and reclines almost completely. Our hospital bags, hers and his, are on the floor next to a few decal birds.

The bookshelf faces the chair on an angle. It's quite large and we'll need the growing space. So far we have some of my books, books for older kids and a few for toddlers and babies; the baby monitor; iPod filled with kids' music; toys; and bigger blankets.

Also some pictures: two of Ray and I on our wedding day (sorry about the flash on you Ray :), and a shot I really love of my mom and I in Charleston when I was two.

Not permanent fixtures: on the floor next to the closet are the infant carseat and Snap 'N Go stroller. The Snap 'Go turns the carseat into a stroller; its very light and the seat fits into it perfectly. We're purchasing the main stroller (which comes with a bassinet) this weekend.

That's about it!


  1. Looks great! I do love the decal- such a pretty touch to the room. And that bath sponge sounds kind of cool. You are SO ready to go!

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Looks like you are all ready for your little girl to enter the world! She's going to be born healthy and be so beautiful!! There truly is NOTHING greater that you will ever experience in your life than seeing and holding your baby for the first time. It really is overwhelming adn life changing - in every wonderful way imaginable.

    I'm writing because you commented on the giveaway that I had on my blog last week {the book "The Paranoid Parents Guide"}. You were the first reader of mine to respond and while although you didn't officially win, I contacted the publisher asking if I could have one more copy TO GIVE TO YOU! And she said YES : ) I just felt in your response that this read would really benefit you as a new mom. I've been there...and I'm still there : ...so I can REALLY relate to the thoughts that go round and round in your head that you wish weren't there. Please contact me at MarriageToMotherhood@yahoo.com and leave me your address for shipping purposes!

    All the best to you as you await the arrival of your amazing little girl!!