27 October 2010

37 Weeks

Today I'm full term, which sounds so beautiful. It means that if she's born now she'll do really well. Her lungs still have a bit of development left and she needs to put on more baby fat, so hopefully I have at least another week or two.

Only part of me thinks that, because I'm READY TO GO!! I'm nesting like crazy- cleaning, baking, organizing, and gardening until I almost keel over. I spend that time on the couch with the last blanket I'm knitting for her. I need to finish it before she arrives or likely I won't finish it at all.

Today at the doctor, I'm now a full centimeter dilated and she can feel the baby's head on my cervix. The exam is painful which scared me- if I can't handle that how on earth will I handle labor? I shared my fears with my doctor and she was nicely reassuring. She had her first baby about a year ago so I know she can give pretty first hand advice. She said the adrenaline during labor and 'the zone' you get in make a big difference. Not to mention the prize at the end!

I'm putting on a happy face!! Until next week, back to the waiting game. . . .

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh! And still looking as adorable as ever. You can do it! I'm cheering for you over here ;)