20 October 2010

36 Weeks

Or 9 months. So shouldn't I be due by now? It's such a mean trick that pregnancy is actually ten months long.

I've had a few practice contractions this week, as well as more sharp pains inside my vagina. Two other end-of-pregnancy symptoms I've had are a stringy discharge and loose stools. These are all indications of impending labor. . . or not. Don't you love the specificity in that? Argh.

I'm definitely getting antsy; since I'm not working, everything is ready for the baby, and have limited energy, I have too much time on my hands. I'm trying to split up household chores every day and I'm knitting one more blanket. Catching up on tv shows while knitting is quite a pleasant way to pass the time. Ray and I have a mini getaway to Monterey planned this weekend so I'm looking forward to that. It's forecast to rain the whole time but hopefully we won't get too damp. :)


I'm breaking my no-(real)-dessert-during-the-week rule today. In honor of the 9 month mark, I purchased three small cupcakes for us to share after dinner tonight: red velvet, carrot (the one I was craving!), and vegan chocolate.


This morning I tried to get her movement on video. It's tough to capture since it's quite random and doesn't translate well on film, but she moved about 12 seconds in on the top/left side of my tummy.


  1. hehe-love the video. Your belly is adorable. You are going to have so much fun this weekend! Babymoon!!! The cupcakes look incredible. Enjoy- celebrate the sweetness to come <3

  2. Hi, I just read your comment on Meghann's blog and clicked over to find out that you are pregnant! Congrats.

    Having a little girl is the best!

  3. Gaah! That video is so cool! I found you through Meghann's blog too :) Congrats and you look gorgeous! Pregnancy looks good on you :)