22 October 2010


So happy it's Friday! It's chilly and rainy but I'm enjoying the cozy gloominess. I also did a new workout this morning which made working through it more enjoyable; exercise can get boring so it helps me to do a new routine every now and then.

After a quick shower and assembly of a breakfast-in-the-car (two pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter, banana on one slice and strawberry jam on the other), I headed to my 36-week appointment. Ray met me there since I'd be having an ultrasound.

All good reports from Dr R.; I am so blessed and thankful to have all positives right now! She performed the test for Group B Strep and will have the results next week. The vaginal and rectal swab were a little painful but short-lived, as was the exam of my cervix. I'm almost 1 centimeter dilated which is really good. While it isn't necessarily an indicator of impending labor, it is a good indicator that I won't go past my due date. My uterus is measuring about 34 weeks; I was worried when she said that but she followed up immediately that at this stage it's not so exact, that it's give or take two weeks so it's a fine measurement.

Next she performed the ultrasound, taking measurements of the head, abdomen and legs. Our baby is in the ideal position- head down with her back facing the front. That little head is indeed down in my pelvis (pressing right on my bladder) with her back in the upper right quadrant of my belly, and her feet on the left, almost a C shape. She is resting very close to my cervix.

With the measurements taken, the machine gives an estimate of the baby's weight- 5 lbs 3 oz, give or take 15%. Dr. R. believes our baby is smaller than this amount, which shows how different each baby can be from the numbers in books. Right now all of my pregnancy emails and books say the baby should be upwards of 6 lbs; not the case! Our little girl will likely be about 6 lbs at birth or slightly smaller.

She gave us information on who to contact before going to the hospital, as well as postpartum care instructions. I'll be getting my pertussis booster shot after delivery in the hospital which is excellently convenient. My next appointment is this coming Wednesday when I'll be full term. The countdown begins!!

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  1. How exciting! All positive news! Very happy for you <3 <3