27 September 2010

Party in San Francisco

On Saturday night Ray and I went into San Francisco to celebrate the 30th birthday of a friend of ours. First there was dinner with another couple and friend beforehand. We had a delicious meal at Perbacco, and I feasted on baby beets, housemade papardelle, white corn with wild mushrooms, and burnt caramel gelato. Great food with great company.

The birthday party was held at a boutique hotel near Union Square, and it had an 80s prom theme. I freaked at first- um, where do you find an 80s prom outfit for someone 8 months pregnant?!- but I did alright with a black dress and leggings (which you couldn't see), lace fingerless gloves, rubber bracelets and earrings. Ray found a yellow jacket a la Saved by the Bell at Goodwill.

It was WARM in the city that night- pretty unusual. My face was a little damp throughout the evening and of course no drinking for me, but I still danced nearly the whole time. Ray likes to dance too, I'm so lucky that he does. We stayed for 2 hours which I was very happy with- seeing as the party began at my usual bedtime.

This picture is called 'Big Boobs McGee'- because this is sooo not normal. :-P


Baby is punching me, reminder that I need to head for Palo Alto- I'm picking up the crib mattress we ordered from Pottery Barn Kids at noon. Gotta go!

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  1. What a fun party! I love the 80's theme. You both look adorable(rockin gloves). Heheh- I guess the boobs are a nice perk of pregnancy ;)