22 September 2010

8 Months

32 weeks. Boo ya!
Aka 8 months, which sounds so much closer to the end!
It really is a dirty trick how they teach you that pregnancy lasts 9 months, when in reality it's really 10. 36 weeks = 9 months, but you've got another 4 weeks left to go- that 9th month is a full month before you're done. Grrrr. No fair.

Our Chickpea:

Continues to be a little mover and shaker. Occasionally she pokes me in the side and it hurts; I just poke back and say "stop that!" I can tell that she's starting to run out of room, as her kicks and punches are feeling different- 'bigger' if that makes sense.


Not much new to report this week besides feeling more fatigued. I've have more back pain, but we went out and got me an exercise ball which will help a lot. Many people have these already but we didn't. I can use it three-fold: when exercise (great for ab work when pregnant), sitting on like a chair (huge help with the back pain), and I'll be bringing it to the hospital to use in labor. Sitting on it helps to open the hips and also relieve back labor.

1 comment:

  1. ah! so cute! Love the outfit. I also love that you poke her back ;) Hope the ball helps with the pain.