16 September 2010

31 Weeks

I sat in on my mom's mystery book club yesterday morning so I wasn't around to take pictures. Here we are at 31 weeks, one day late:

My butt looks massive, but it's not quite that big; there's a pile of laundry behind me on the floor. It's that day, I was sorting right before pictures.

See? The delicate wash. Not my bottom. And because I'm sure my mom is appalled that I've posted pictures in my bra on the internet (it's a big pregnancy bra, hardly revealing or flattering):

I love this top. It's backwards in the mirror (try taking a full-length picture of yourself without one) but it says "Glam Moms Rock."

I got it on Etsy from this great shop called Glam Mom NY.


Our Little Chickpea:

Her reproductive system continues to develop this week: clitoris is fully formed and prominent because her labia are still small and do not cover it. Oh my. Her lungs are much more developed though not fully mature. That won't happen for another 8 weeks. Her brain is much more developed too. From my reading, the major activity for the rest of pregnancy seems to be continued maturing of the lungs and brain, and packing on the pounds.

I'm fairly certain she's smaller than the weight given in the books, but that still means a good 3-5 pounds more to go before birth. Those weight numbers are estimates, and there's a wide range that a baby can weigh at birth. I'm still gaining weight at the right pace and my uterus measured at exactly 30 weeks last week. According to my doctor, this is a pretty accurate sign that my baby is also the appropriate size and weight for her. I'm expecting her to be a smallish baby- Ray and I were both small at birth as well as now- I'm 5'3" on a good day and he's 5'6". The men in my family are tall for the most part but I'd be shocked if our chickpea was anything but petite, especially at birth. Our childbirth class instructor told us that a baby of 7 pounds of less is good-sized and average; heavier than that might be called a 'big baby.' If I had to make a prediction, I'd say she'll be between 6 lbs 6 ounces and 7 lbs. Unless she arrives early, then she'll be smaller.


Disclaimer: I am never complaining here. I have some discomforts but they are all manageable, and I know I could have it much worse. I am very lucky and could deal with a lot more. This is always just what's going on. Sleeping is becoming more difficult, although even when I am awake I feel like I'm in a half-sleep half-wake state for the most part. I can tell when she is poking me in an uncomfortable spot and changing my position usually takes care of it. The major change I've noticed in the past week is increased back pain- by about 4:00pm my back can really hurt and it's hard to stretch or sit in a way that makes it feel better. Ray is sweet and always rubs it if I ask, but I don't too often because I don't want to be too needy. What I'd give for a 30 minute back massage every afternoon! One item I'm going to invest in this week is an exercise ball, the big kind you can sit on. We don't have one, but they are really excellent for eliviating back pain, stretching, and also during labor.


Is looking so very pretty, but it's still not ready. I ended up applying the decal all by myself which I'm super proud of. It's gorgeous and is clearly the focal point in the room. The bookshelf is constructed but not yet anchored to the wall; we'll wait until we're sure of its placement when the glider arrives, which could be anywhere from 2-6 weeks from now.

My mother- and sister-in-law through me a baby shower on Sunday and we received lots of gifts, clothes for the most part. She has a pretty sweet wardrobe, only a few long-sleeve onesies are lacking at this point. I've hung and tucked everything away without washing, which I'll do closer to my due date. I also received my baby carrier, a navy Ergobaby organic carrier as well as the infant insert. Ray thinks I'll be carrying her around everywhere in it, and I think he might be right!


One last picture to share. I just think this is hilarious- this is what I see when I'm standing and look down:

Cannot see my legs and feet at all. That's my flip-flop poking out on the right but I'm actually looking forward a wee bit to have it in view.

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  1. hahaha love that last picture! The glam mama t is totally adorable! Glad you got lots of good stuff for her! I say milk the back rubs while you can!!