03 August 2010

Lavendar & White Nurseries

Tomorrow, my mom and I are painting the nursery walls. Our first step in creating her room was the arrival of the crib. Then this past weekend Ray and I cleared out all the other equipment in the room. Now it's just the crib and a hot pink storage bin filled with her few belongings so far.

We've chosen a pretty lilac for the walls, and the furniture is white. There will be other accent colors, but these are the two we are working around. Visuals help a lot when planning any room. A baby's room is no different. I've searched around for rooms in white and light purple, and these are a few that I came up with:

This is a very elegant nursery in darker shades (same room above and below). The ceiling has been covered in a satiny fabric and the chandelier is beautiful. It's a little too chi chi for a baby's room in my opinion, but I appreciate the design. The modern chair is a nice contrast to the wrought iron crib, and the wall hangings are minimal and simple.

This room is my favorite of the bunch. It gets beautiful natural light from two windows. It's an attic room with a sloping ceiling, so the light is needed to make the space seem bigger. Again, embellishment on the ceiling with patterned paper. Beautiful chair, not the gliding/rocking variety but a lovely piece for the eye. The bedding appears to be in orange which is a nice combination with lavender, but not my first thought for a nursery. Good idea.

This room is a little more girly and foofy (apparently one of my favorite words right now). I think the long drapes make the space appear smaller, and there are more items on the floor. I'm guessing things will end up on the floor so starting out that way is not the route I'd take. The wall hanging behind the crib is an interesting play on a canopy. The chair is a nice pale yellow which I am thinking for my own.

Yellow is the dominant color in this room, with lavender in accents. I love yellow, it's such a cheerful color. Natural light can really change the way a room looks too. Light is inviting, darkness isn't. This room has hardwood floors like we do, but the carpet is smaller than I had been anticpating.

Holy purple! This one is really too much! For the first time purple is shown with dark furniture; personally, I prefer it matched with white.

I like the room below because it shows what a white stencil would look like on a dark lavender wall.


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  1. awww- have so much fun painting with your Mom! Please post completed pictures- I bet it is going to look amazing