06 August 2010

Craving Alert

Lemon fettucine with grilled bell peppers, zucchini, and portobellow mushrooms with garlic olive oil, goat cheese, and thyme

Followed by pumpkin frozen yogurt with a little fresh granola

Good thing this is what I'm having for dinner tonight


  1. mmm pumpkin frozen yogurt? Can I come over ;)

  2. i love your pregnancy blog!!!!! i wish i found it sooner but i just read thru and caught up on all of your posts :)

    Congrats on the news that you are having a girl :) By the way, you look great, I hope you are feeling well...

    PS. I LOVE the crib!!! OH and the bella band - best invention ever haha

  3. I suggest that your beautiful daughter's name should be NITSA!!!!!

  4. Are you Marina's daughter? And did my Aunt Dorothy put you up to this? :-)

  5. Yes I am. We love your site. Dorothy said us about it. The name was an idea of my parents. Enjoy your pregnancy.

    Nefeli, Marina and Michael Poyiatzi.

    P.S: Regards to your parents and brothers.