05 August 2010

25 Weeks and Painting Results

A day late, pictures at 25 weeks:

As you can see, the location of my mirror has changed. It used to be in the baby's room but we've moved it into our bedroom. I'm still working on organizing the space.
This week I can feel her moving around a lot more often and with more force- it's pretty cool!

I think this was my last day wearing this shirt. It's a regular Target top, not maternity, but I have a feeling next time I try it on it will be too tight around the middle. So long, catch you next spring!
OMG this front shot shows even more how big I am!
She's sitting sort of lower middle of my abdomen. People keep telling me I'm "all belly," and I still don't understand what that means. I have certainly put on a little padding in the booty and thighs, and I can see how my face is rounder when I compare pictures from last winter. Maybe I just need to see someone who is "not all belly" to get it?
Painting yesterday took a little more than two hours, plus a break for lunch. I'm so glad Mom came to help me; her experience cut down the time and increased efficiency in a big way! She took care of the edging work while I used the big roller and took care of the walls. It was harder work than I thought but fun!
Here's the way it looked before:
And after!! I LOVE it!
And now I'm sure I want to accent the room in yellows, because the combination is gorgeous with the wall color. Need to find/pick new crib bedding, and finally figure out chair and rug selections.


In other news, I think I have my first ever yeast infection or UTI. Hurray. The past two days it's been, uh, uncomfortable down there. Apparently it's very common to get these infections while pregnant, and I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon to confirm either one and hopefully get some medicine for relief and to cure it.

**UPDATE** So I have my first yeast infection. Three days of injectable over the counter vag medication. Hey, I'm just glad when the diagnosis is this easy, and easily fixed.


  1. AH! You look so good. All belly means you haven't gained an ounce any where else and you haven't! You really look awesome. Love the color of the room. Ugh UTI's suck. Go get that checked out lady

  2. Found your new blog via the other one. Love it! You look GREAT! So cute! (I can do a lot of Internet browsing while nursing...something to look forward to for you :))

  3. Katie!!!! :-) Yippee for new mommy of two!