11 August 2010

26 weeks

Today I'm 6 1/2 months, 26 weeks pregnant.
To me, 14 weeks is more important. That's the time left until scheduled splash down.

Our baby is about the size of an eggplant. Of course it can vary a lot, between 1 1/2 and a little over 2 pounds. I bought a 1.1 lb eggplant this week, which is lighter than the little one I'm carting around.
Around this time, the uterus begins occasional movements known as Braxton Hicks contractions. It's like practice for the big labor push. I haven't experienced any yet, but apparently I'll know it when I do!
Personally, sleeping has been much less comfortable this week. Until now I've been able to twist in a few modified positions but now the weight of my belly makes only directly left or right doable. Support under the middle is also essential. The constant visits to the bathroom have returned too, back up to 4-6 a night. I have always avoided public restrooms as much as possible, but now I'm up close and personal with them all the time. No way around it now.

Baby is soaking up antibodies from me, preparing her immune system for life after birth. She's also starting to practice blinking and batting her freshly grown lashes. The weight on her is now beginning to pile on baby fat, filling out in that cute, chunky, chubby baby way. She's growing into a little dancer, poking and prodding when I wake up, after breakfast, sometimes in the afternoon, after dinner, and as I'm trying to fall asleep.
A few truths:
1. I wear these black pants every day. Yea I'm afraid so, every day. I wear them a few days, do laundry, and put them right back on again.
They are stretchy lounge pants from Target- regular not maternity, and a size XS which shows you how skewed sizes have become. They were too long so I trimmed them to a capri length; I just bought a second pair to trim to a longer length as it gets cold.
2. I put this red top on just because I thought it would look better in this week's pictures. I stuck my other T-shirt right back on. For posterity:

On today's agenda I need to do some house cleaning, and a DirecTV guy is coming to reroute the cable from the baby's room to the study.

I've had good morning workouts this week, including today. But I haven't been to my evening prenatal fitness class in a week and a half because Ray was out of town and I didn't feel great on Monday. Now I don't want to go simply because I missed three classes, but I need to haul myself there. . .

*but do I have to?! whine.*

I have a limited time left to whine, so I'm going to use it.


  1. Ah! So fabulous. I love that you wear the same stretchy pants each day...I'm totally going to do the same thing whenever we get preggers. I think we're lucky we're mini....regular clothes fit us when we're pregnant haha. Thanks for the IM- will try to send you an email later

  2. yay that is so exciting :)

    i have a pair of black stretchy pants that i got from VS, non maternity but they fit great and are comfy, and i think i will be wearing them 24/7, i think they will be my favorite thing to wear throughout the pregnancy! i'm glad that i am not alone hehe :)