12 August 2010

I Used To : But Now

I used to~

  • Sleep mostly on my back and stomach
  • Drink wine on Fridays and weekends
  • Sleep all the way through the night
  • visit Napa, Livermore, and Santa Cruz wine countries on a regular basis
  • wear size 0 jeans and a 34B bra
  • use 15 pound weights for legs and back
  • eat and adore raw salmon and tuna sushi
  • occasionally skip dinner in favor of dessert
  • Never snack between meals
  • stress over the calories I consumed at a meal, or turn down delicious things because I was over my daily mental limit

But now~

  • one by one items in my wardrobe don't fit
  • workouts are longer and lower impact
  • I stick to 3, 5, and 8 lb weights, occasionally using 10 lbs. Still combo the 8s in one hand for back
  • I drop things, super annoying because to bend I have to spread my knees to fit the belly in between them. I'm sure it's really attractive.
  • I'm beginning to waddle. A little bit.
  • Scrubbing the bathtub is getting difficult because the belly is in the way
  • I eat some meat to meet the protein requirements (though burgers and steak aren't interesting because they have to be well-done. gross)
  • I have some form of dessert every day- fruit or no sugar added cocoa on weekdays, and something more fun on weekends- and I don't stress over it . . . as much :)


  • Sense of balance- no dangers of falling or tripping, still pretty sure on my feet
  • Sleep schedule is the same- I've always been early to bed early to rise.
  • Muscle tone- I feel so lucky having the green light to exercise!
  • I was obsessed with food before, still am now
  • Love of clothes shopping- I've found some pretty heinous maternity clothes but I've found some super cute ones too. And (as I suspected prior to pregnancy), looking/shopping for baby clothes is even more fun than shopping for me!
  • Love of sushi- while I can't indulge in my very favorites, cooked and vegetable sushi is still fair game. That includes unagi (eel), shrimp tempura, and california rolls.

What's next?

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  1. Interesting to read :) Really life changing...even pre- baby- huh?