24 June 2010

19 Weeks

19 weeks, one week from the halfway mark. I have a half pound mango buried in my abdomen.

Last night we took two shots on the actual day.

Right before bed. Not my most attractive time of day.

I saw my girlfriend Vivian yesterday, who gave birth in April. Between a hilarious story of her son burping up in her husband's mouth (hysterical) and plans for our trip to see Eclipse next week, we marveled how eating a little bit really makes your tummy expand. Just an apple, and the belly grows a lot. I think it's a lot of water combined with less room in the stomach that has been shoved out of the way. Until recently my tummy has been fairly flat in the mornings, and all my pictures have been taken at night. No more flat tummy, I'll see my abs again sometime in 2011.

This weekend I was pretty sure I felt movement- first thing in the morning as I was waking up. I told Ray immediately but he wasn't able to feel anything.
Nothing the next couple days, but yesterday afternoon I swear I felt her roll over! It felt strange and wonderful, like a little thing brushing the inside of my tummy from top to bottom.

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