05 May 2010

Visits from Mom are always good

This morning Mom came to visit me; it was nice to have a visitor during the day, especially her. We stopped by a farmers market in town before hanging out at home and doing some knitting. She's gotten me started on some baby blankets, from a book she got out of the library. The pattern is simple but lovely, so I'm planning to make a blanket and washcloth set for us, but also a set for our friends Dan and Linda who are having a girl in August.

The visit was really nice, low key and pleasant as it always is with Mom. Later in the afternoon I had my 12 week doctor's appointment- I'm 12 weeks today! All looks good, it was a quick appointment. I think they'll mostly be quick from now unless there is an issue. We got to hear our baby's heartbeat very briefly. It was the first time, and very cool.

I'm feeling much better, more normal. I still don't really look pregnant, just fat. Looking forward to this awkward stage being over!

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