10 May 2010

My First Mother's Day

I didn't think of it in advance, but I guess this was my first Mother's Day! Mother to be counts, right?

To Ray it does; he surprised me with some gifts when we were at my parents' house celebrating the day. After brunch (with Dad's yummy french toast and cheese eggs) and just before tea (I made a peach slab pie for that, yum!) I found a stack of presents next to Mom's. Very sweet! He gave me a bunch of books- really for both of us, on baby names and purchasing all the gear we'll need- and a small sleeping pillow. I've been sticking an awkward pillow between my legs lately, it's more comfortable, but not quite the right shape. This one looks like an apostrophe, you sleep with it between your legs to keep your hips in better alignment and rest your head/belly area on the upper half. It was great last night!
I've been so tired lately. Those words don't even cover it actually- dog tired. We were out to lunch a few days ago and suddenly it swept over me like a blanket. I could barely keep my eyes open and others at the table noticed. I was pretty embarassed! We went home earlier than planned and I could barely function the rest of the day. This seems to be my one lingering pregnancy symptom, my morning sickness seems to be truly over. When you think about it I am a 24/7 baby factory, so it's not a hug surprise to be tired!
I forgot to add the other day, my weight gain seems to be ok. I gained about 7 pounds during the first trimester, a teeny bit more than I should have. It's harder than I thought it would be to stay on track, it's a really fine line between getting enough and having too much. I am staying as active as possible, especially because exercise is still good for me and great for baby. If I can just keep the weight gain in check and retain muscle tone, I'll be pretty happy.

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