04 May 2010

One of my Top Favorite Doctor Visits of All Time

This morning I had my 12 week ultrasound. We came home with these pictures of our little peanut:

waving "hi!"

At this point our baby's head is kinda big (in all three shots, the body is on the left, the head on the right). This will normalize in the coming weeks. But he/she looks healthy and on track so far. I can't describe what it was like for us to see him/her squirming around on the screen. There is really a little person in there!

Right after the ultrasound I went to get a blood test. We're having the full integrated screening done for our baby: this ultrasound and two blood tests will show the probability for such conditions as Down Syndrome and a few others. It's not complete until the second blood test at 16 weeks, but thus far the indicators are good. Yay!

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