30 May 2010

Photo Shoot

I'm 15 weeks and 4 days now, creeping closer and closer to 4 months! Yesterday afternoon we visited two baby stores for research. We registered at the second, Babies R Us. In the end we were there walking around with the gun for an hour and a half and by the end I needed to sit down! We had a nice dinner together in San Carlos before coming home and doing the first proper photo shoot of me. This is partly my fault because I'm not a very cooperative photo subject, but we were able to take several nice shots.

You can also see our backyard which has been under construction the past few weeks.

Shoulda touched up my makeup before the shoot. And I could do with a hair trim.

This dress is super comfortable now but I can tell it's not going to last me the whole summer. My growing breasts are already not getting the support they need in it! Maybe I can sew extra support into it. . . right now it's too skimpy to wear more than a bralet and it's not doing my chest any favors. :-P

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  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You look SO fabulous. Your bump is adorable. Love the blog, adding it to my google reader :)