26 May 2010

15 Weeks

I'm 15 weeks today, woo hoo! One week until my 16-week check-up. I'm feeling good, hope everything is good on the inside. At this point baby is squirming around like crazy, although I can't feel anything yet. She's also sensitive to light and sounds.

I've been doing mad research this week, on baby gear and cars. We'll be buying a new car in the next 6 months and I've been researching my top picks and features that we want. The baby gear is pretty daunting. This is nothing like the wedding registry we did where at least I'm familiar with the items. This is all new territory and there is so much stuff out there. On the one hand we are lucky for all the advances in technology and selection that is out there. On the other hand our moms had it much easier because there was less stuff to weed through. Aaah!!

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