02 June 2010

Bad Appts vs Good Appts

Today was a day of bad medical appointments and good medical appointments.

1st Appointment (The Bad One):
  • 8:00am blood test for second trimester blood screening, the second part of the full integrated screening to test for certain diseases
  • Arrive to discover that my appointment is just to pick up the lab form. Gah!! Which means I have to get in line behind the two dozen people who had to fast and are there when the lab opens. The same lab who messed up the first trimester blood test that I had to have retaken in May.
  • Wait 45 minutes in the waiting room. I haven't eaten breakfast yet (didn't need to fast but had to get there in time) and the only available chair is a child's hard stool which is soo not comfortable. Watch as one person gets called every 15 minutes or so.
  • Get up to ask how much longer the wait will be, am told at least another 45 minutes. What?!
  • Promptly get up and leave with my lab form. Plan to return to my regular lab down the street to get the blood done tomorrow when I'm a little less anti-lab.

2nd Appointment (The Good One):

  • 2:15pm appointment with my doctor for my 16-week check-up
  • Arrive early to give my urine sample and sit down comfortably to wait with my knitting
  • Watch cute new Dad and what seems to be his tween-age sister-in-law with his 9-day-old baby in the waiting room (Mom was in her appointment). Chuckle as I catch sister-in-law watching me knit. Little baby is sweet and with good lungs, keeps bursting out with teeny crying. Dad looks sort of tough but couldn't be sweeter with baby and sis.
  • Doctor pronounces my blood pressure and proteins excellent, weight gain normal- only 2 pounds since last month. Whew!
  • Baby's heartrate is strong at 150 beats per minute- again normal
  • No-go on finding out baby's gender- position was good but the umbilical cord was between its legs! Oh well, it was a long shot anyway.
  • In and out in 20 minutes- easy breezy

So I had the bad and the good medically today- at least I got to have the good last, right? And I don't have to go to that lab again if I don't want to, and I don't intend to!

And no, I'm not too disappointed about not finding out if it's a boy or a girl because . . . we're getting a 4D ultrasound done on Friday!!! The office was recommended to me by a girlfriend and we have an evening appointment. They can tell the gender from 15 weeks so I'm very excited. We'll get to see much better pictures of the baby than we have before, and finally find out if I should saying 'she' or 'him'.

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