21 March 2010

Tired & Exercise

Fatigue continues to be my main symptom. I haven't had any new ones yet, and I'm really hoping that I can avoid any vomiting or bad nausea during our trip to Paris and London in a week and a half.

I slept well last night, in my own bed after two nights at Mom and Dad's. Ray slept on the couch which he likes to do on weekends, and he told me that I was dead to the world at 6:30am when he came to get his book.

I ordered a heart rate monitor from Amazon this week. I can still exercise as long as I feel good, but I need to keep my heart rate below 140; if my heart is pounding, so is the little alien's and its forming over the past two weeks. I also need to keep length to 40-50 minutes at a time. I did a good 40 minutes this morning and the monitor was very helpful. My average heart rate was 128, and the max was 145. I have it set to beep when it goes above 140, but I don't believe the few moments it goes above have a negative effect. It happens so quickly that its hard to prevent.

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