24 March 2010

Return of the Queasy

Today has been six weeks since the beginning of my last period. If you count that way I'm six weeks today. Still so early, but gosh darnnit I'm just as pregnant now as I will be at 10 or 12 weeks. Cause nothing is going to happen, I will have this baby in November!!!

I haven't felt queasy for about a week. Queasy is a step down from nauseous, which I haven't really felt yet. I'm really hoping I stay in the realm of queasy because it's totally manageable. Right now I can keep to my usual routine of waiting a few hours to eat in the morning, but that might change. Yesterday I had to eat some egg whites when I woke up before my workout, I don't think I would have made it through. After the workout, I made this delicious breakfast: pancakes with yogurt, more egg whites, and strawberry freezer jam made by Mom

There's nothing too strange about this meal, but I normally crave oats every single morning. Not only could I pass on them, but dare I say they weren't as appealing? Certainly the peanut butter I've been adding didn't sound that great. And my coffee! I usually add a packet of Splenda to it and it tasted nasty! I didn't finish it, and I haven't had any more Splenda since then. The idea of its strong sweetness is just GROSS to me.

I've been hungry before bed every night so I justified I trip to the yogurt place for some dessert; I grabbed it before making dinner and pulled it out around 7:15. I still had an orange afterwards, but I didn't need to get up for something to nibble.

This morning I was pretty queasy; I woke up at 7:00am and didn't eat breakfast until 8:45, so I'm not sure if the waiting wasn't helpful. I didn't feel like eating yet. I had oatmeal with a tiny bit of peanut butter added at the coffee shop (the pb didn't bother me, but it wasn't as delicious as I usually find it), and some coffee, 75% decaf, 25% caf, with half and half and no Splenda. Still doesn't sound appealing. I even added a bit of real sugar to my oats instead of Splenda.

And, I'm craving meat! I don't eat meat, haven't for a while except teeny bits here and there, and I really want a roast beef sandwich or some lamb for lunch. I must need iron??!!

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