21 March 2010

Telling Parents

We told my parents and brothers yesterday. I never considered just how much joy that would bring, to me and to them.

We were going to wait a while to tell anyone, but honestly it was more Ray's idea than mine. I am so excited, and not very good at keeping secrets. And this is the biggest one I've ever had. I saw no reason not to tell our immediate family (if anything were to happen they'd know about that too. It would be impossible to hide. Besides NOTHING is going to happen). I was staying with the family for two days during March Madness, and I couldn't hold it in. I told Mom, and asked her to keep it a secret. She was thrilled and promised not to say anything, but I knew that in unburdening myself I had selfishly burdened her. That evening Ray and I decided that he would come down the next day and we would tell them.

Just after the Saint Mary's-Villanova game (SMC won!!! We are two very excited alums), everyone but Chris my oldest brother was in the living room. I handed Dad a gift bag and said Ray and I had something for him. He removed the tissue paper and the wrapped frame I had put in there, with a baby picture of me that I found that morning. I said "that's a temporary picture. The frame is for a picture of your first grandchild. I'm pregnant."

I will never forget Dad's face; it changed from confusion over the gift to processing what I had said. Tears were in his eyes, and I don't think I've ever seen that before. Hugs all around ensued, and congratulations from John and Matthew too. Mom was relieved to be able to talk about it and not keep the secret. Ray was happy that we shared the news too. Chris arrived a little while later and we were able to tell him in person too, which I was grateful for.

I am SO happy that they know. We've asked that they not spread the news until after we return from Europe, on April 9th. Then we'll give the green light to tell grandparents, aunts and uncles, and anyone else.

The plan is to tell Ray's parents next week, on Tuesday night after my doctor's appointment. Ray wants to give them a similar frame, with an ultrasound picture that we'll hopefully get that day. I hope there is actually something to see. We have brunch scheduled with them this weekend, so Ray is going to do some fast talking to delay the meeting.

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