17 March 2010

Foods That are Off-Limits

I love these things, but I can't have them anymore:
  • Sushi and sashimi (vegetable sushi might be ok, but I heard from one source that nori (seaweed) is off-limits; will check with doc on that one)
  • Lox/smoked salmon
  • Brie and other soft cheeses
  • Wine!
  • Diet Coke (limits on caffeine, and I'd rather have my coffee in the morning. caffeine-free diet Coke in moderation is ok)
  • Items containing artificial sweeteners besides sucralose (there isn't a huge amount of research on this but sucralose appears to be a fine sugar substitute for pregnant women. Aspartame and others should be avoided if possible. There is a bit in diet Coke, so this should be rationed)
  • Caesar salad dressing- as I learned this past weekend, as it can contain raw egg. It is so rare that I would have it so it won't be missed.
  • Raw or underdone meats- all meats must be cooked to well-done

This is what I've compiled so far; I'll update it when I discover new items. From the list I think the only thing I'll really start to miss is sushi, and I'm hoping I can satisfy the craving with vegetable or cooked sushi when that time comes. I love wine, but at least so far I feel no desire to have any. Hurray for that!

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