12 March 2010

Second Day of Knowing

Ray's response yesterday was wonderful: incredulous disbelief, excitement, thankfulness, affection for me, concern for what I'm eating. . . :-)

We hosted another couple for dinner last night and it was almost fun hiding the fact that I wasn't drinking wine. A brilliant fib occured to me that I've given up wine for Lent; no one bats an eye at that. Please God forgive the little lie. We just don't want to spill the beans too early. They might suspect but not enough to say anything.

Nauseous again this morning at the same time, and I had my first food aversion. I microwaved some sweet potato to add to a salad this morning- nuked sweet potato is usually a nice treat in salads, with a little cinnamon sprinkled. I nibbled one piece before adding it to the salad and it tasted off. Like really not good. I didn't add it to the salad.

I also just had an excellent afternoon snack. I'm trying to consume more calories in my afternoon snack than usual, with more diverse nutrients. I mixed some pumpkin butter into lowfat cottage cheese, and added a pinch of plain oats and a pinch of the oat-coconut part of my homemade granola. Is that weird? It tasted good to me!

We are hosting another couple for dinner tonight. Another round of "I've given up wine for Lent." One guest doesn't drink at all so that will make it slightly easier. He and I can sip Pellegrino while Ray and my girlfriend get sloshed.

On that note, I have to say I can't wait to attend all the summer wine festivals this year, even though I won't be able to imbibe. I'll be able to watch all the happily drunk antics with clear eyes for once. :-P

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