13 March 2010


We hosted dinner with friends last night, and it was fun. I chose some great dishes- broiled goat cheese marinara, praline bacon, roasted pear salad, and dark chocolate meringue drops. I baked some french bread that day and it was amazing! Again I enjoyed my meal very much and didn't worry about how much I was eating. I ate until I was satisfied. I love this! I hope this translates to life without pregnancy. . . in nine months please, not until then.

This morning I felt nauseous right when I woke up but it went away quickly. I was able to work out as normal; I'm doing the same routines but not pushing myself as hard as I thought I would and not doing extra as I like to do. I was up early and might have liked to wait a while to have breakfast but when I got really hungry I gave in and made my usual pumpkin oatmeal. The past two days I have increased the amount of peanut butter I put in it for some extra protein.

The past twenty minutes I have been nauseous again so I boiled some water to make chamomile tea a little bit ago. I haven't poured it yet, so I need to go do that now. And go to the bathroom, I suddenly have to go really badly!!

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