14 March 2010

Hidden Illegal Foods

Last night we had dinner out with friends and I ordered a vegan asparagus soup, and a Caesar salad with a fillet of steelhead. Now, I never order Caesar salad. I had several bites of the salad before remembering that traditional Caesar dressing has raw eggs in it. As in, not something I should be eating at all. I stopped eating it immediately and promptly started to freak out inside.


I got up to use the restroom and on the way back accosted one of the chefs standing in the open kitchen. I asked him if there were raw eggs in the dressing and he said "yes, pasteurized egg whites." At least it was confirmed, I wasn't left wondering. I'm guessing the pasteurized part is good but I still shouldn't be eating raw eggs no matter what.

I ate my soup and the steelhead fillet (both delicious); Ray noticed I wasn't eating the salad and put his sauteed spinach on my plate to eat and he took most of the salad. When we left the restaurant I whipped out the iPhone to Google pasteurized raw eggs, and told Ray what happened and how scared I was. He was really soothing and said not to worry, that I had such a small amount and it's probably fine. Many women don't know they are pregnant until much later, and eat and do things during that time that are off-limits.

He's right and I won't worry too much, but I do need to do more in-depth research on hidden foods I can't have, ones that I don't normally think about. I will mention it to the doctor at my appointment on March 30th, and hope that everything is ok.

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