11 March 2010

First Day Knowing- Eating

Today I immediately began thinking differently about my eating and rest habits. I had one coffee while working before switching to herbal tea. I had some nausea between 10-11 and was real hungry for lunch at 11:30 which is early for me. I picked a delicious egg-spinach-tomato-cheese sandwich on whole wheat which was deeply satisfying and nutritious, with pellegrino water and more tea after. I normally avoid carbs like bread and pasta at lunchtime and on weekdays at dinner, but I have to stop that now. Healthy whole grain carbs are important for the baby's growth especially early on. Protein too, I need to make sure I get good protein at each meal.

That night the neighbors came over for dinner and I served my peanut noodles and some roasted green beans. Everyone drank wine but me, I sipped bubble water from a wine glass, claiming that I gave up wine for Lent. A fib, but an easily accepted one that wasn't questioned. I didn't worry about how much I was eating, I ate until I was full and enjoyed my meal. I had some raspberries and dark chocolate edamame for dessert like everyone else.

A little while ago I was in bed and felt hungry again. This is weird. I would usually ignore this and wait for it to go away, but I told myself it would be better to eat a little something than ignore it. Better to gain a few extra pounds early than hurt the baby's development (I know it's not technically a baby yet, but saying embryo is too weird).

So I got up and made a small cup of lowfat cottage cheese with pumpkin butter mixed in. This was yummy!

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