11 March 2010


Let it be written: today I found out that I'm pregnant. Thursday, March 11, 2010.
I took a pregnancy test this morning at 6:10 AM and it was positive.

That is a positive result my friends. I can't explain how I felt in that moment. I had set my iPhone stop watch for 3 minutes, but my eyes had glanced over near the beginning and I saw the control line by itself in the window. I was prepared for it to be negative so when the 3 minutes were up and I looked again I was almost surprised.

Called the doctor this morning, very happy of course, and I do not need to go in as I thought I might. I have an ultrasound scheduled for 5 weeks after conception, on March 30th, to listen for a heart beat and set a due date. For now I just get lots of sleep, eat right, and continue with life.

As I type this I'm feeling nauseous, which I did yesterday at about this time. It's not too bad, certainly manageable for the moment. I'm sipping mint tea in an effort to combat it, but I think an earliesh lunch is in order. I'm out with a friend right now so I gotta keep this a secret. No getting sick in public! Although I don't think I'd care if I did. The reason why is too good.

Gosh, my life is about to change dramatically.

I'm so excited!!!! :-)

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