01 February 2012

Lyla in December and January

Two days after Christmas we drove back home from Lake Tahoe, and stopped at Five Guys/Jamba Juice for lunch. Lyla and I shared an apple cinnamon smoothie. She let me have some.

February 3rd-6th we will be in Cabo San Lucas for Ray's company President's Club trip. This bathing suit was given to us before her birth, and the timing is going to be perfect! It fits pretty well, and I'm so glad she has a cute one piece suit. I have long standing issues with little girls wearing bikinis.

Lyla loves books, and recently she has been fascinated with the texture and sound of books with paper pages. Her books are almost all board books so she likes to get hold of one of mine to play with.

Her hair is getting so long. Recently I discovered the secret to dealing with the awful tangles that are always in the back: some leave-in conditioner and combing right after her bath and shampoo. This works much better than detangler later.
I was able to make this little ponytail with her long curls in the back. The one and only time though, for the most part I leave her hair alone. I attempt to clip her bangs back with barrettes but she takes them out immediately.

This is the most recent photo, taken this past Sunday. Hanging out in her unbuttoned shirt, messing with the laundry in our room.


  1. oh my pudding! Her with that giant smoothie is just too cute

  2. pedophiles have abducted little girls wearing one piece swimsuits too....... just saying

  3. My dislike of two-piece suits on a 1-year-old has nothing to do with pedophiles, but thank you for the info.