09 February 2012

Cabo San Lucas 2012

We've taken our third flight trip with Lyla, this time to Mexico!

Ray's company had their annual President's Club trip to Cabo San Lucas this year, so we headed down there for three days. This was the third visit for Ray and I, and the shortest flight we've taken with Lyla.

We lucked out with empty seats in our row both there and back, which was a lifesaver. As hard as flying was before, it's more challenging now with a squirmy toddler who doesn't want to sit nicely and refuses to take a nap!

We stayed at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo. The property was absolutely gorgeous, and our 3-bedroom villa was amazing with a full kitchen, 2 balconies, 3 bathrooms, and a washer/dryer.

Lyla did lots of walking practice in the living room, around the coffee table and couch. No walking yet though; still waiting and watching. She did look cute in the rash guard and bottoms I found at Target.

Being February, it was just a little too chilly to spend too much time in the pool, but we still spent a bunch of time beside it.

Ray and I had a wonderful time at his awards dinner. We borrowed a friend's nanny for the trip, and it was wonderful to have her there taking care of Lyla so we could go out in the evening.

The morning of our departure, Ray and Lyla took a nap while I packed. I can't deny I was a little jealous of the sleeping, but it was a very sweet moment I was able to capture.

As always it was really great to get back home, but I'm so grateful we have these opportunities to go and see new places with Lyla together. It's a wonderful experience for her, and for us too.

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  1. You look fabulous!!!!!!!!! And the peanut is too cute. Glad yall had fun