18 August 2011

Catch Up

I missed Lyla's 7 and 8-month updates! With so many action items to cram in during naps, it's tough to find the time to blog. I need to do a better job though; all the mommy bloggers out there, I salute you! A lot has changed since my last post, I'll try to do some catch-up on what's been going on around here.

We've been going to a music class on Fridays for the past six weeks. Lyla is almost the youngest in our class, but she really enjoys the music and gets more comfortable around all the toddlers around her.

Solid food eating is. . . so-so. She's still not terribly interested. We try for 3 meals a day but she rarely touches breakfast, nor lunch. She has begun to eat a few finger foods, hopefully those will inspire more interest. The one food she consistently goes for is whole milk plain yogurt. She loves it!

She's a super happy and funny girl- when she's well and rested. :) I suspect that's a caveat for just about every baby. She had her first illness at the beginning of August, not fun for both of us. She recovered very quickly, she has a well-functioning immune system.

This is my best attempt to catch what I like to call her "ooo" face. She makes it all the time, it's so charming.

I love this shot. Look at the dancers' turnout on my daughter at 8 months!

Baths are now a permanent part of the bedtime routine, and she loves them. She has a bunch of toys and loves to play and splash. That orange frog is definitely her favorite bath toy.

This is just a pretty photo of her, one morning while still in jammies.

Finally, cooking utensils are fun toys- especially my baking brushes, both silicone and wooden.

9-month post coming up this weekend!


  1. Soooo cute!! Love the ooo face! Looking forward to your 9 month post!

  2. ooooh my gosh look at the ADORABLE rolls on your baby!!! She is GORGEOUS! I always joked that I wanted a chubby baby and if we didn't get one, I'd send him back....well, Finn has been a skinny boy from the start but I kept him:) Glad you two are doing well.