06 July 2011

A Beautiful Hand-Me-Down

My mom made this dress for me, for a family wedding. The meaning of dressing her in something I wore is not lost on me. The fact that she looks cuter in it than I did is not lost on me either. :)


  1. Her curls are amazing! I love that you get to share an item of your own clothing with her- so special! Hope you're doing well ;)

  2. Hey Sarah, so sorry to hear Lyla has this virus, too...she is still so young!:( For us, Finn spiked a 103 fever on Monday afternoon (I am almost positive he was exposed to the virus on the previous Thursday). Monday he still slept most of the night. Tuesday he was miserable and literally slept 3 hrs that night. The blisters/sores really popped out that day and he was in a lot of pain. Same for Wednesday and Thursday. So this was day 4 of it and he felt a lot better today. I hope it is over for you all SOON! It is the worst.