04 February 2011

Office Visit and Bedtime

Today we visited Ray at his office. It was a quick 20 minutes but Lyla managed to charm everyone there.
This week she's been doing a lot of 'talking'- squeals, throaty yelps, cackles. She's experimenting with her vocal cords and its so cute. She's been doing this recently while nursing, between breasts: looking up at me with big wide eyes, making these sounds and smiling. Like she's both showing me what she can do and trying to make me smile back at her. These are the BEST moments of my day, probably the best so far with her. Anyway, she did some of this 'talking' in the office which attracted some positive attention from both men and women.


The past three nights we've had some issues putting Lyla down to sleep. Until now she has gone to sleep between 6pm and 7pm, but we swaddled her for bed and she went ballistic. As in screaming bloody murder for another 2 hours before falling asleep from exhaustion. It has baffled Ray and I since she gave us sleepy cues and it was time to go to bed! We couldn't figure out what she was so upset about- not too hot or too cold, clean diaper, nothing poking or pinching, nothing! Clearly tired, but totally pissed that we had the audacity to try to put her to bed. Inconsolable too- won't nurse, won't quiet, nothing. We just had to wait it out.

Listening to her cry so hard and so long is really hard for me. Ray and I would switch off trying to console her. In particular it was very hard for me to listen to her cry so terribly. At 9:00pm last night I had the smart idea to put my ear plugs in to muffle the sound; I couldn't stop her crying but I could make it easier to handle while I rocked her.

Tonight Ray is out for a guys' night, and Lyla went down to sleep at 7:00pm! Boy am I glad too, since I'm on my own with no back-up. I'm not completely sure what changed tonight, she did take a shorter nap this afternoon but I don't think that's the only factor. I'll just be thankful for now, take advantage of this time and slip into a nice hot bath!


  1. Sounds like she may be developing colic, which will pass like all of the other phases. Hang in there and do what you can for yourself to relax and focus on you!

  2. She's too old for colic to start up; we think she's just getting older and expressing her opinion about going to sleep if she's not ready :). Last night she was just fine, woohoo!

  3. Really too old? Well that is good she is. I read that it could start between 7-10 weeks and thought that might be it, especially if she is crying for so long. Sorry for the comment...

  4. That's ok!!!! :) There's definitely a catalyst for the mania, not like colic where I think it's sort of inexplicable. She is also a little high strung, easy to rile up. Like her mom :) Once she gets started it's hard for her stop. I think colic, as loosely defined as it is, is supposed to be something like crying for at least 3 hours a day, 3 times a week, for more than 3 weeks. She definitely isn't doing that. THANK GOODNESS :)