28 January 2011

Version 2.1

Lyla has changed so much in the past 10 weeks. Even just the past four!

She smiles a lot now. It's tough to catch on camera- she always looks bewildered when one is put in her face- but they're there and just melt my heart. There are times now when it looks like she's trying to get a smile out of me instead of the other way around.
With the smiles come the cutest gurgles and coos I've ever heard. If she's feeling very talkative I'm treated to a marathon of sweet sounds. Watching her experiment with her vocal cords is one of the highlights of my day.

She has really discovered her hands, spending lots of time holding them and putting them in her mouth. Today right before her nap and after she nursed, she tapped her open hand on the couch cushion behind us for a while, enjoying the texture of it and how her hand moved. It was really fun to watch!
The drool is coming too, her chin is often a little wet. The days of always wearing a bib are nearly upon us.
The last two days she seems to have discovered her hair too. She's been touching and playing with it while nursing more and more. This rivals the cooing for cuteness.
She is more comfortable being held by women than men, as she is here with my friend Alex. I think boys tend to be more loud and a bit more awkward, so she trusts girls more.
And she does like TV. It's quite fun to sit with her and watch a show in the evening. In the coming months we'll stop and replace with a bath-stories-songs-bedtime routine, but for now we all enjoy this. I love seeing her nestled in Ray's lap so happily :)
Speaking of Ray, he is the master swaddler but the past few nights she has been escaping from them! She squirms and wiggles in her sleep until her arms get free and she gets upset. Last night it woke her on the early side around 1am, and Mommy was not happy about it! We have a velcro swaddle that has been too big for her until now, but it may be the only way to keep her happy and contained now.

This is my favorite outfit on Lyla right now:
a pink corduroy jumper with a long-sleeved onesie and little ballet socks. It's comfy, cute, and girly without being fussy.
And one of my favorite pictures. I love the concentration on her face!

so happy ::::


  1. awwwww! Love the semi sweet outfit and those little ballet socks are too cute for words. You can tell you are such a fabulous Mom :)

  2. She is a beautiful baby! My son hated to be swaddled from the very beginning, and I think it really made it hard for him to fall asleep/stay asleep. Hopefully she isn't already ready to break free from it:)