04 December 2010

12 Days Postpartum

You may not believe me but I really don't care how quickly my body goes back to normal. I promise.

However, while I was pregnant I did wonder what it would be like to not be pregnant again- what would change first and how fast, what permanent changes there might be and how I'd feel physically. Well, here I am on Thursday, almost two weeks postpartum:

I'm back in a lot of my regular clothes, although right now just jammie pants and sweats for comfort. High waisted is preferred because of my incision. I won't be wearing jeans for a few more weeks! My tummy still has a gelatinous quality to it but it's shrinking. Nursing assists a lot with that!

Physically the hardest thing is sleep deprivation. I've never been one to go with little sleep so this is tough. But I can sleep on my back again! I've gotten so used to sleeping on my sides that I've continued until last night and it felt so good! I was a tummy sleeper too but I won't try that until I heal more.

I can't resume my regular work out routine for another 4 weeks, so I'll post another picture then to see where I'm at.

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  1. You are looking great! Glad to hear you're feeling good too. I can't imagine the deprivation, guess I will find out one day.. ;) Have a good weekend