02 December 2010

12 Days Old

Lyla sleeps for a good part of the day, rousing to eat every 2-4 hours. Some nights she sleeps more, sometimes less. Two nights ago not much and I was delirious yesterday; last night she slept more and I feel pretty good. With a bit of sleep I feel like I can do anything.
She doesn't love tummy time, but she does try to lift her head well. She also practices when I hold her on my shoulder. Daddy likes to practice in the evening, and I caught this teeny smile yesterday morning.
Lyla doesn't like being changed and almost always cries. Singing to her helps.
She does like her carrier since it keeps her close to my body heat and heart beat. She took a nice nap in the infant insert after I took her out of it the other day.
Lyla had the hiccups a lot when I was pregnant, and still does now. She seems used to it, doesn't mind at all.
For 24 hours, you spit up after each feeding and sometimes in between too. Emergency laundry had to be done, and I couldn't seem to catch it before it soiled her. I wish she could just spit up on me since I don't mind changing like she does. It has subsided and we are working on burping better to help avoid it. All babies spit up but I'm hoping she won't always do it so much.

I've tried nursing lying down (so we could both nap) but it only worked once, on my left side. We will keep trying. I have fed her in the football position we prefer than laid down after. That is nice.
I typed this entire post with one hand- Lyla is swaddled and sleeping in my other.

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  1. She is looking SO similar to how you looked as a baby! I hope you get some nice naps in today :)