25 November 2010

She's here, she's finally here!

A quick post to say that our baby girl is finally here with us.

Lyla Grace Carroll arrived on Saturday, November 20th, at 12:05pm. She weighed 5 pounds, 14 ounces at birth and measured 18 inches.

She was delivered by emergency C-section due to fetal distress- she didn't tolerate early labor, let alone active, transition, or pushing.
Not the start we were planning on, but she's here safe, sound and doing well.

And she's beautiful. So very beautiful. Tiny and sweet and precious. All the nurses in the hospital adored her, and I can't help some disbelief every now and then that we created such a perfect little human.

We were discharged from the hospital yesterday so this is our first morning at home. I'm snagging a miraculous 10 minutes to post this and will likely be absent for some days as we get to know each other more and some semblance of a routine begins to form. However, when I do return I will share her birth story and more. For now:
  • Nursing is going well despite a rocky start for both of us, due in part to the C-section which impaired my movement in the beginning. We've both learned and improved a lot now and my milk has come in, so she's eating well.

  • I'm adjusting to the lack of sleep- the first night was very difficult but my body is adapting to being awakened throughout the night.

  • We've been home less than 24 hours and already had to do a load of laundry due to a few diaper accidents.

  • 'Getting back in shape' is the 735,875th thing on my mind right now, but I'm amazed at how much my reflection has changed in the past few days- more like my old self than I would have thought. All this nursing is leaching calories out of me and into her.

  • Lactation and L&D nurses are wonderful people, just about everyone we met at Sequoia was extremely kind and helpful.
  • It's really true- this is a kind of love that you've never experienced before, and it's stronger than anything too.
Happy Thanksgiving! See you soon~


  1. oh my gosh, she is SO beautiful :) I am just THRILLED for you. You look great as well. I hope I look that good after I have a baby. Happy Happy Thanksgiving

  2. congratulations - she is adorable! what a blessing just in time for thanksgiving!!! congrats, hope you are enjoying every minute :)