18 November 2010

40 Weeks

Posting a day late (although these pictures were taken yesterday). 40 weeks, I'm still here!

Chickpea hasn't budged. More than 50% of first-time moms go past their due date, so while I would have loved to have given birth already, there's nothing wrong or remotely unusual about my current state.

I do have a stinky head cold, maybe she is waiting until I'm better?! The body is so complex, perhaps it is holding off on the green light for labor. Besides my cold I had an excellent doctor check-in yesterday. She has plumped up a bit more, and I have all symptoms heading into labor. Just need the actual labor part.

Enough on that this week~

I'd like to share a few new things that have shown up for baby recently that I really really love.

My mom knits beautiful pieces, and her most recent gift to our baby girl is this sweet bunting. This green is one of my favorite colors (one of our wedding colors actually), and this particular yarn shade is 'bok choy.' Love that! Our weather is turning very cold this weekend so I know she'll be wearing this right away.

My friend and neighbor Jenise gave her a cute fleece jacket with bunny ears on the hood and a little toy bunny in the front pocket. But even cuter- these bunny boots! They are for a bigger foot than a newborn's, for to wear in January-February.
Another neighbor gave her this cute lamb stuffed animal. I think I've mentioned before that I love lambs for babies.
I'm not the knitter my mom is, but I can make a few things. I recently finished her first scarf, using scraps of lavendar and pink yarn left from other projects.
Finally, we just hung this picture over her changing table. It's the first gift Ray gave to me when we were dating in college- two little boys dressed as bees and a little girl in a ballet tutu. It was hanging in the hallway but is much better suited to a baby's room.
I've been making my own flower barrettes for a few years and I made a slew of new ones for baby when she has enough hair to wear them. I don't like the stretchy handbands that are fashionable on babies these days, but I do love barrettes. Hers were all cluttered in a drawer until I hung a piece of ribbon on the wall and clipped them all in a row. I'll be able to reach over and grab the right barrette while I'm dressing her without rooting around in the dresser.

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  1. Looking great, hang in there!! Wow- your mom is totally talented. I wish I could knit. And I love lambs for babies too. The room is looking just perfect