09 November 2010

Looking Forward To

#1 right now- knowing I'm truly in labor!!!

le sigh. ok after that . . .

my daughter laying on my chest for the first time

looking in Ray's eyes for the first time as parents

introducing our baby to my brothers and parents

those few sips of celebratory pink champagne

that wonderful baby smell

waking in the middle of the night to visit and feed her . . . over. . . and over. . . and over again

the gurgles, the smiles, the burps

the crying, the fussing, the mystery discomforts . . . yes I'm looking forward to those too

going for a walk through the neighborhood and park- not by myself anymore!

sleeping on my stomach!

salmon sashimi- so close I can almost taste it

Thanksgiving weekend with all my brothers home

finding a group of new mommies to play with

putting my socks on without a struggle

wearing my old clothes again

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