29 September 2010

33 weeks

This girl is hungry so I'll make this quick so I can go make lunch!

33 weeks today.
I do love Wednesdays because this is the day I move on to the next week in the countdown. :-)

Baby's movements are starting to change; she still punches from time to time but more often I can feel her whole body rolling against my outside. I'll feel pressure on my side- usually below my belly button- like something is pushing me from the inside and I know it's her stretching her arms.

I don't seem to look much bigger this week, but I'm carrying lower- Baby has definitely dropped down into my pelvis according to the midwife I saw this morning.

I made an appointment because I thought I had a UTI- yuck. I don't seem too though which is great news, and I did get to hear her heartbeat as part of the bargain and be measured and weighed. I'm now at 135 pounds, still on track but lordy that's heavy! (Although funny- I'm waiting to give my urine sample and reading a BMI chart and I'm still well within a healthy weight for my height, despite carrying around another human. That's reassuring.)

Anyway, back to my visit. My doctor wasn't available so I saw the midwife on staff, who I've seen before and really like. She'd be my primary care were it not for certain circumstances to do with our struggle to get pregnant a year ago. I wish I got to choose who would deliver our baby should my doctor not be available, because I'd choose the midwife. She's really nice, we chatted for a little while before discussing the excessive need to urinate that I've been experiencing the past two days. As in, I go to the bathroom and 3 minutes later need to go again. That can be a symptom of a UTI, so I went in to be safe. But my urine sample looked normal (not quite acidic enough, she asked me to get some cranberry juice to help with that); very likely my excessive problem is due to the fact that Baby has her head directly on my bladder and I'm just not able to empty it every time because she is in the way.

This picture is for me. See Sarah, you still have toned decent looking arms!! The past three days have been HOT- as in record high temps in the Bay Area, high 90s in San Mateo which means I have been struggling to be remotely comfortable, as well as being a little swollen all over. So on top of being really uncomfortable I was feeling pretty ooogly. That combination also equals cranky, and Ray has been very patient with me too, such a good husband. It's going to be cooler today in the low 80s, and clearly the yucky swollen has gone away with the heat. Thank goodness.


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  1. You look great :) And I'm super glad you don't have a UTI- those are the worst. And your arms DO look fabulous. Oh my gosh- its getting SO close!