09 September 2010

30 Weeks

10....weeks....to go!!

I've been waiting to hit this milestone since I made it past the first trimester. Something about hitting the thirties, plus in 7 days I'll be counting down the weeks in single digits.

Our Little Chickpea:
She weighs between 2.5 and 3 pounds. She's packing on the pounds now in sweet baby fat, and her brain is growing, getting more and more of that wrinkly brain texture. Continuing to move more and with greater force throughout the day, all the moms I know say I will miss that feeling when she's born. I can see why- that feeling will go back to being indigestion and gas :). It is kind of like that, only better.
She has a great little heartbeat, strong at 150 beats per minute. My doctor felt pretty sure from a belly exam that she's facing head down. Good girl, stay that way please!

I've gained 25 pounds now, still on track to gain 35 pounds total which I'm very happy with. At least it's still staying in the belly region. Everyone who says it's all there isn't comparing the size of my thighs and ass to the way they were before! :-) Still have good blood pressure, and my uterus is measuring at exactly 30 weeks.
My right leg has a bit of the restless leg syndrome going on at night- when I lay on my right side it has a hard time settling down, twitching periodically and feeling a little asleep. It's not a problem on the left.
I've decided not to post a picture again until it's ready. Right now it's a little messy with the gifts we've received, and I don't need to remember it that way. :) This morning I ordered blinds for the two windows (same as the ones we have elsewhere in the house). The decal we picked out to go above the crib FINALLY arrived; it's going to be a big project putting it up and we don't have time until next weekend. We attempted to pick up our bookshelf at Ikea last weekend but they were oversold :( but I monitored its status online and it was back in stock today so I picked that up too (with a little help- thank you nice guys at Ikea!) The glider is ordered, should be here in 2-6 weeks. The only major nursery thing we have left is to select and purchase a rug, but I'm waiting on that until I have more of these items are in place.

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  1. Ah! I get excited every time you post a new picture- so so cute (I say it every time, I know). Can't wait to see the final pics of the nursery. I bet ever little addition to it makes the baby more and more real!