28 July 2010

24 Weeks

24 weeks aka 6 months today! This is the last month in the second trimester.

I had my 24 week doctor's appointment this morning. I feel good and no medical red flags which is always a relief. I gained more weight this month which is slightly disappointing but not surprising since we were on vacation and I thoroughly enjoyed more food than usual.

I'm on track to gain 35 lb total if I gain a healthy 4 lb each month until my due date:

Start: 108 lb

April 7th: 112 lb

May 5th: 114 lb

June 2nd: 116 lb

June 29th: 119 lb

July 7th: 123 lb

July 28th: 127 lb (19 pounds total gain)

August (7 mo): 23 lb gain

September (8 mo): 27 lb gain

October (9 mo): 31 lb gain

November (10 mo): 35 lb gain

28-40 lb is considered healthy weight gain during pregnancy. 25-35 lb is recommended for women with a healthy BMI prior to pregnancy. I was teetering on the low end of a healthy BMI, so I'll be very pleased with 35 and comfortable with 40.


It's always fun hearing baby's heartbeat and seeing her on the ultrasound. She's actually so big now that you can't see all of her in one shot. She was rolling all over the place and I can feel it but still very lightly. That's because I have an anterior placenta (it's sitting in the front right under my belly) which makes an extra cushion between me and the baby so I won't feel strong kicks until later, unlike women who have a posterior placenta. This is very common, and just means that I have to wait a little longer for those bruising strong punches. By 28 weeks, she'll be so big that the anterior placenta won't matter.

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  1. ah! Looking so so fabulous (again- as always). Glad you're doing well with your healthy and normal weight gain :) Much love to you and your little pumpkin (or I guess your little papaya ;))