13 April 2010

My favorite young Mom

is my cousin Katie. She's two years older than I, the daughter of my mom's oldest sister. She was the first in our generation to marry and the first to start a family. I always looked up to her as a kid and enjoy her company as an adult. She and her husband Andrew used to live here in California but relocated to Pittsburgh for his job a few years ago. Boo.

They've been here the past week and yesterday Katie came for a visit. She and Drew, their 17-month-old son. Oh, and the 5-month girl fetus she's carrying: she's pregnant with their second!

It was a great visit, so nice to talk to someone about how I'm feeling, how she's feeling, even just be with someone who knows all these things.

We went to dinner with them that evening at a favorite local spot- so nice to get out with some great friends.

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