20 April 2010

Home Improvements

We're looking into house cooling solutions for the summer. In this area air conditioning is a rarity because it can be cooler here. But for a few weeks in the summer it's positively stifling; our house conducts heat too well also, which makes the evenings and nights really uncomfortable. Since I'm pregnant this summer we'll try to make it a bit more comfy.

Central air is a wonderful luxury, but such a pain to install! It's a big to-do and expensive; not feeling too positive about it.

On the flipside, meals around here have a bit more variety. I still feel gross and sick, but I can stomach different foods which is a positive improvement. Dry grilled cheese with crudites and dip, homemade chicken burritos, cabbage slaw, more eggs with cheese in an omelet. The crudites with dip thing is getting a lot of repeats- I don't usually eat veggies this way but it's super appealing now. Maybe because it's simple?

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