25 March 2010

Breakfast and Lunch- Thurs, March 25th

I've wanted to snap more pictures of what I'm eating these days. It's not working out so well.

Part of the problem is that I'm definitely experiencing nausea the past two days. I get relief while I'm eating, hence the excitement to chow down right away. Lots of things that I would normally eat are not appealing, especially OATMEAL which is one of my favorite things. It was not interesting to me this morning. Other things I usually have and now don't want: Coffeemate (usually can't drink coffee without it), Splenda (as I said before, it's my sweetener of choice but not anymore), salad (what am I going to eat for lunch?!), canned fish (there goes one protein option).

This morning I was nauseous when I woke up but was able to do my morning exercise through it. It actually went away while I was 'working out.' 40 minutes trying to keep my heart rate below 140 hardly feels like a workout. Feels more like pathetic. After the workout I made the following:
  • 1/4 cup 100% egg whites + 1/4 cup southwestern egg beaters, scrambled
  • 1/3 cup portion of Kodiak Cakes pancake, with sliced apple and sprinkle of cinnamon added
  • strawberry freezer jam and a bit of sugar free Aunt Jemima's on the side
  • coffee with fat free half & half

There are 18 grams of protein in this breakfast (7g Kodiak Cake, 5g egg beaters, 6g egg whites).


Lunch was tricky in the planning; my regular salad fixings were gag worthy. The concept of anything raw seems to bother me. At 10:30am I decided some fresh bread would be nice, but that would mean delaying lunch to eat it 3 hours later. I knew that wasn't going to feel very good, so I decided to space lunch out. It ended up working very well.

1. At noon I ate the last of the asparagus I roasted last night. I reheated it so it wouldn't bother me. **Asparagus is full of folate and vitamins K and A. Folate helps development of the alien's cardiovascular system so I feel great eating it.
2. While making my sandwich I ate the end piece of the delicious bread I decided to make, with some butter.
3. More fizzy juice (sparkling water + pineapple orange juice)
4. some decaf french press coffee with ff half & half

The bread has a bit of barley flour mixed with bread and whole wheat flours, and a hit of cinnamon. (I was out of bread flour so subbed some oat flour, which is the reason (I think) that my bread didn't rise very much.) Despite its density it was delicious when I put into it. I put a bit of butter on the end piece and sliced a nice thick one for an open-faced sandwich. I tore up some spinach for a bit of green (I couldn't handle much) and topped it with some freshly roasted tomatoes. I fried some more egg whites into a pancake and topped it with some shredded white cheddar.

The result was absolutely scrumptious (smaller than it looks- that's a salad plate, compared to the dinner plate holding those giant pancakes).

About 7 grams of protein in lunch (6g egg whites, I'll estimate about 1g from cheese).


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